Secure Mobile Solutions and Customizations for your business. 


For us, security comes first.

encryption technology@4x

All our products employ proven cryptographic protocols with maximum-length encryption keys.

peer to peer messaging@4x

Our servers just facilitate the communication between users. We don’t store or copy messages.

user managed keys@4x

Encryption keys are generated only on the device. Private keys are never stored server-side.

zero knowledge architecture@4x

Our infrastructure is designed around the concept of zero-knowledge. No sensitive data is stored outside the devices.

Solutions that work for everyone.

Crypto X2 is a 360° secure mobile communication device that combines end-to-end encryption, hardware security, and a vulnerability-free OS.
Crypto WORK is a de-googled device with CopperheadOS and is best suited for the business professional who is looking to use this as a daily driver. Comes with browser, Aurora store, calling & texting with a local sim card.
Crypto LITE is a de-googled OS on Pixel. This device comes as is with Aurora Store , Browser and your own sim card. Support is online only.
Crypto LOCK is a fully locked down device with No calls, texting, browser, data transfer. We provide you with a customized crypto store with only our approved applications.

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