15+ Years of Encryption Expertise!

The team at CryptoCloud have been at the forefront of the encryption business for decades. We deliver solutions and robust Security work flows that far exceed our competition. We thrive on our partnership’s, technology and products.


Core Values

  • We embrace change and initiate opportunity
  • We act with credibility, professionalism and Integrity to instill public trust and confidence
  • Teamwork makes the dream work
  • A promise made is a promise delivered

Working with a security company that you can trust is just as important as the encryption service you are using.

CryptoCloud has been well established in the market for over 6 years. Our OS, applications and devices have undergone years of advancements and updates. We pride ourselves in working with only the worlds best developers and support staff. We continue to evolve as the market shifts and along with our executive team we have over 15 years of experience in the encryption industry.


Pure peer-to-peer messaging, calls and walkie talkie. Unlike other services.

We take your privacy seriously.

The setup of our service makes no compromise with security. We do not store user chat messages on our servers, even for a limited period. Communications happen only peer-to-peer when both parties are online, our servers just facilitate the process. PGP messaging to other providers so you can cross communicate. Install using our APK file and then log in to our Secure Manager to activate.

Secure your communications