The Beta Release channel allows Copperhead to fine tune updates with the help of our community of partners and enthusiast users. Caution is advised using Beta updates and should not be used on mission-critical devices. To receive Beta release channel updates, navigate to Settings -> System -> Advanced -> System Update Settings -> and change Release channel from “Stable” to “Beta”, then tap Check for Updates at the top of the System Update Settings menu.

CopperheadOS Stable Releases

CopperheadOS Release 12.2.2

  • Chromium -> 98.0.4758.101
  • Use prebuilt kernels
  • Lockdown fixes
    • License expiry shows the correct date
    • License activity population in profiles is fixed
  • Calculator is replaced
  • Bugreporter user data scrubbing:
    • All SSIDs
    • All account data
    • All machine addresses (MAC, IPv4, IPv6)
  • Users now receive a toast when activating a license at setup

CopperheadOS Release 12.2.1

  • February Security Patch
  • Chromium -> 98.0.4758.80
  • System UI Tuner fixes
  • Carrier Config fix
  • Update Messenger install APKs
  • Active Edge default for new installs is now Off

CopperheadOS Release: 12.0.0 (Android 12)

  • CopperheadOS Android 11 -> Android 12
  • System performance updates
  • Major interface updates
  • Rough in support for system wide UI customizations
  • Rough in support for disabling and customizing charging animation
  • January Security Patch
  • OEM Unlocking now auto-disables in SetupWizard
  • Chromium -> 96.0.4664.45
  • Exact Calculator is deprecated and has been removed
  • Auto-reboot during idle time configuration added
  • Privacy Oriented Google Services added for fresh installs only
    • Privacy Oriented Google Services Opt-in added to SetupWizard