We are happy to announce that there is a new upcoming version of Crypto Chat – version 4.5.
The new version comes with a couple of new features, as well as major performance and group chat functionality improvements.
This document will serve to outline the major updates coming with the latest version of the application.

New Features:

1.Export and Import Chat History

2.  PPT messages in Group Chat

Users can now send push to talk messages in group chat. The push to talk feature follows the same flow as the one in Peer to Peer sessions.


1. Improved Push to Talk

The Push To Talk function has several improvements in the latest version. Improvements include:
• PushToTalk length limit is now 15 minutes. Increased from 1 min previously
• Voice messages are played on Speaker by default
•  Walky- talky mode is renamed to Autoplay PTT. It now allows users to aotu -play received messages when the chat segment is opened
• Bluetooth headset is automatically selected as the audio output if such is paired with the device

2. Allow others to add people
Non-admin group members will be able to also add group chat members, as long as the group admin allows it.Admins can also see who has added a particular group member.
The feature is enabled by default for all new group chats. Admins can disable the function inside the group settings menu.
3.Group Changes Notifications

Group chat members will be better notified when there are changes in the group chat memberships, such as change of group admin, new user added or a user leaving.







Call Quality Indication

Users can see the call quality during the call when in a P2P call.








Additional Improvements

Performance improvements
Improved overall chat performance and achieved faster results of app activities such as chat fragment opening and message scrolling. The improvements also help with faster export and import of chat data.
Displaying contacts with their locally saved name
Given that a user has edited a contact’s name locally, they should see this contact with their locally saved name across the app.
Conversation tones
Users can set a conversation tone which will set a more plain notification sound when the user is in the chat session fragment and receives message from the user they are actively chatting with.
Call timeout increased
Call timeout is now 45 seconds. That gives more time for the user getting called to pick up before the call is terminated.