15 Years of Encryption Expertise

We have some of the best industry’s best development teams at our fingertips. As a company and along with our partners we are able to provide you with the most secure mobile devices and bring you constant new features and secure updates. 


Working with a security company that you can trust is just as important as the Encryption service you are using.

We provide custom solutions for the following :

– Deep OS integrations – DeGoogled
– Hardware Manufacturing 
– Customized app store, dashboards , colours and fonts
– Server set up and management
– API & VPN  integrations
– Secure Manager with Billing platforms 
– Application management
– Account Management 



Pure peer-to-peer messaging, calls and walkie talkie. Unlike other services.

We take your privacy seriously.

The setup of our service makes no compromise with security. We do not store user chat messages on our servers, even for a limited period. Communications happen only peer-to-peer when both parties are online, our servers just facilitate the process. PGP messaging to other providers so you can cross communicate. Install using our APK file and then log in to our Secure Manager to activate.

Contact us about how to customize your device

If you are looking for a customized solution such as OS or Device and looking to deploy more than 500 devices please contact our sales dept.