I would like to notify you that we will be releasing OS 4.2.0 for any Crypto Pro devices alongside Crypto Vault We would strongly recommend using WiFi connection to prevent over-usage of mobile data.

The new OS includes updates and fixes. We have introduced the following in the 4.2.0 version :

1. Expiration date in the My Account menu on the dashboard
2. Updated enrolment flow
3. Update on the microphone through improvement on the OS
4. Update on the APNs due to the new SIM provider and improvement focused on connectivity
5. Further fixes and improvements on the user experience

The new Vault includes the following new features and updates :

1. Migration of backup from one user to another which is secured through several authentication steps
2. Calendar data can be stored in Vault
3. Security Lock flow has been improved
4. Storage and backup reminders
5. Pin Files in the Vault
6. Search and manage files are improved in the Vault interface.
7. Bugs and fixes are introduced to better user experience