Secure chat 4.1.0 introduces File sharing in Group Chat, Improved UI in Conference Calls, allowing for a more streamlined and user-friendly experience.

Release highlights

Group Chat File Sharing

You can now easily share multiple files to Group Chats while previously this was only available in individual peer-to-peer chats. You can share from Secure Vault with your desired group with the new update.

Group Chat Status indicator

In Secure Chat 4.1.0 within Group Chats, you will be able to see the Message statuses regarding Seen/Sent unless deactivated in Settings allowing for better transparency when communicating with groups of people.

Message removal awareness

Being aware that someone has deleted a message from Group Chat is now present in the app. If someone deletes a message for “Everyone” in the Group, all participants will be aware. 

Contacts Import/Export

Making a backup of your Contacts in Secure Chat 4.1.0 and being able to Export/Import from and to Vault has now been introduced, allowing for better security and flexibility.


Other improvements: 

  • Streamlined Conference Call interface improving the user experience
  • Improved Reconnection State in Chat experience
  • Secure chat now has updated attempts for PIN/Password mismatch.
  • Front Facing camera features update regarding flipped/mirrored images
  • Other performance updates and minor fixes


For more information on this version of the chat, please visit our Release Notes page.

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